RED TAPE about how to transfer you EU drivers license to UAE

I hope this can help you, I have searched many places to find out how this was done, but the answer from everyone I asked was the same “I can help you but the cost is 1000 AED” Don´t pay that kind of money, it is so easy to do, just remember to bring cash money.

I must say when i decided to do this myself, I was expecting the worst, but it was so easy, and all the people were helpful and friendly.

There was even a guy there, in the waiting area, who gave everyone fresh water, and there was free wifi, what more can you expect ?

Required Documents

  1. Original Passport
  2. Passport and visa page copy
  3. Original Emiratis ID card and copy
  4. Original Photo
  5. Current Foreign Driving License (original and copy)
  6. Original arabic legal translation of foreign driving license
  7. Original NOC from you employer for transfer driving license
  8. Company’s trade license copy
  9. Company’s establishment card copy




Proceed to the Fujairah Traffic Department with the above mentioned documents, the procedure is the same for all Emirates.


  • Need to go to the Captain Driving License Section ( A on Map )
  • Submit the documents to the Captain at the reception
  • Get the approval for Transfer Driving License
  • Come to the reception
  • Get a number for Driving license section & wait for your turn ( 5-10 min )
  • When your number is called go to Driving License Section counter & give them documents
  • They will check the documents and will take AED 100/- for Eye Test, blood test & finger prints and will give receipt
  • Walk out of the building the same way you came in, across the street on you left you will see Fujairah national driving institute go there approx. 50 meters. Please see the B on the map below, there is normaly no line, just go in and get your Eye and blood test done. ( 5-10 min )
  • After this you need to go back to the reception, they will tell you direction for Finger Prints or see C on the map. ( 5 min )
  • Go back to the reception and present results of the eye, blood test and finger prints , then you will get number, when it is called go to the same counter and make payment ( 260 AED ) for transfer driving license ( after 5-10 min you will receive you new drivers license )

–       Please note you are allowed to keep you original old drivers license

–       Fujairah RTA’s Tel. No : 09-2222666

– opening hours saturday to thursday from 7.30 to 14.30


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Kristian Kongstad Holm is a Successful action-focused entrepreneur with successful exits in multiple geographies. Currently Kristian Kongstad Holm is focused on Mobile App and IT investments, new media and Real Estate, but open to any investment propositions “ Business angel “ 1992 - 1999 Kristian Kongstad Holm Co-founded Bildillen, a franchise chain of stores in Denmark, which in 1999 had 21 stores nationwide. Sold to Franchise members 1999 - 2007 Kristian Kongstad Holm built BilXperten from start-up to matching competitor by franchise store numbers in just 2 years. BilXperten bought Bildillen in 2004 and was sold to Thansen at the end of 2007. 2005 - 2008 Kristian Kongstad Holm founded and CEO of the agency for LG and VSX electronics in Denmark. Vision behind some of the largest fairs in Denmark such as Biler i Bella, Cph Motor Show, DHB and RaceX. 2008 - present Kristian Kongstad Holm is Ceo of Kongsholm Invest Ltd. CEO of European based construction firm focusing on residential renovations. Responded to a widespread demand for construction companies as many firms had been hit by the financial crisis and house price falls. The company offers construction financing for renovations, which means that the home owner only pays for the work when it is 100% complete. 2008 – present Kristian Kongstad Holm is Ceo of Victoria Capital II Ltd. and various other companies. Active investor in multiple App / IT / New media projects. Interested in innovative new ideas. Kristian Kongstad Holm moved from Denmark in 2009 and lives today in Monaco and Dubai with his family. Always interested in discussing new projects and investment opportunities. See more at Kristian Kongstad Holm Motto´s is: If you can dream it, you can do it! Winners are losers that just didn´t give up! Danish Vellykket action-fokuseret serie iværksætter med succesfulde exits på flere geografier. I øjeblikket fokuserer på Mobile App og it-investeringer og Real Estate, men åben for enhver investering udsagn "business angels" 1992 - 1999 Medstifter Bildillen, en franchise kæde af butikker i Danmark, som i 1999 havde 21 butikker på landsplan. Solgt til Franchise medlemmer 1999 - 2007 Bygget BilXperten fra opstart til matching konkurrent ved franchise-butik numre på bare 2 år. BilXperten købte Bildillen i 2004 og blev solgt til Thansen i slutningen af ​​2007. 2005 - 2008 Grundlagt og administrerende direktør for agenturet for LG og VSX elektronik i Danmark. Visionen bag nogle af de største messer i Danmark såsom Biler i Bella, Cph Motor Show, DHB og RaceX. 2008 - nuværende administrerende direktør i Kongsholm Invest Ltd CEO for europæisk baseret byggefirma med fokus på bolig renoveringer. Reageret på en udbredt efterspørgsel efter byggefirmaer så mange virksomheder er blevet ramt af den finansielle krise og boligpriserne falder. Virksomheden tilbyder konstruktion finansiering til renoveringer, hvilket betyder, at boligejeren betaler kun for det arbejde, når det er 100% gennemført. 2008 - nuværende administrerende direktør i Victoria Capital II Ltd Aktiv investor i flere App / it-projekter. Interesseret i nye innovative idéer. Kristian Kongstad Holm flyttet fra Danmark i 2009 og bor i dag i Monaco med sin familie. Altid interesseret i at diskutere nye projekter og investeringsmuligheder. Se mere på / holm Motto: Hvis du kan drømme det, kan du gøre det! Vinderne er tabere, der bare ikke give op!

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